#2 - An offering of hope

Spoiler alert: It's a webcomic I drew just for you.

What a week it’s been already! With so many of us Aussies back in lockdown (hello SA, our apologies), I thought it would be a nice time to drop an offering of mid-week hope in your inboxes.

So without further ado, here’s a webcomic:

I also thought I’d bring some other offerings in case you’re in need of something different…

  • Need a laugh? We recently binged Starstruck on ABC iView - it is clever & funny & Rose Matafeo is just a delight. If you’re not in Australia, check out the trailer here and hope you can find it in your country!

  • Need some comfort? I recently read and enjoyed The Comfort Book by Matt Haig, it’s full of poems & short prose to bring some light to your days. Alternatively, brew yourself a lovely cuppa - I’m getting back in to my Prana Chai infatuation and have zero regrets.

  • Need some focus time? I have been LOVING the Forest App this lockdown. Essentially you ‘plant a tree’ for a length of time (chosen by you!) and if you touch/use your phone before the timer’s up, your lil’ tree shrivels (aw).
    I find my brain flying between anxieties and to-do lists, so I use it to help me stay off my phone while I complete a task, or give myself a reading hour. If you want some extra fun trees to plant in your forest, enter code 6MCN8AGSG once you install the app (full disclosure: it gives me a fun tree too!).

  • Need something delicious? Here’s a recipe for the best choc-chip cookie I’ve ever eaten. We replace the choc chips with a roughly chopped block of Cadbury Dairy Milk - ooft. Heaven.

  • Need something more? Lifeline have 24/7 support via phone, chat, and text. Please reach out if you are struggling, pals. There’s no shame in needing a little extra help ❤️

Psst - none of these are sponsored, just things I enjoy and think you might too!

Alright, that’s enough from me. I hope something in this newsletter has brought a smile to your face or some hope & sparkle to your day.

A reminder that you are doing GREAT, my friend. Our best looks different every day, and you are making it through lockdown during a pandemic - how wonderful are you?!

Feel free to pop a comment below, or email me back and let me know what hope you’re holding on to this week ❤️ Or give this post/email a ‘like’ on that heart button below so I know you’re here and doing ok.


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