#4 - A little bit of light

The news is heavy, but this isn't!

Alright, I’ve had enough of *gestures at everything*, and you probably have too so I thought it was a good time for an email to hit your inbox with good vibes only.


I hope that helped!

Also, some recommendations from so far this month:

  • Looking for something new to cook? This noodle curry is delish, simple, and vegan-friendly! (P.S. Aussies - we used broccolini as tenderstem, I still don’t know if they’re the same but if it works, it works!)

  • Like board games? Try Board Game Arena! A website with a huge selection of board games, payable for free online with friends or other board game lovers. Our friends introduced us to it & we are officially hooked.

  • Just need some comfort food delivered? I am forever grateful to my book pal Yasmine for sending us some Thicc Cookies to brighten up lockdown. 10/10 recommend.

  • Want something to listen to? I’m late to the party but finally realised the new season of hilarious podcast My Dad Wrote A Porno is out! Not for little ears but if you have been sleeping on this one, it’s worth a listen for a laugh.
    If that’s not your style, my lovely cousin has recommended this episode of Armchair Expert with guest Esther Perel - on social boundaries post-COVID, anxiety, relationships & more.


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