#5 - Farewell, Winter

A reflection on August

Hello sweet beans!

I am living in denial that we’re already more than a week into September, but it’s past time for a little monthly recap of my recommended books (and ‘stuff’)! Try not to think about the fact we’re only 3.5 months away from Christmas…

If you like some light mystery or want to be transported to somewhere outside your 5km radius (or beyond your country borders if you’re lucky to be in a different position to most of Australia right now), these two books will do the trick! A note that The Vanishing Stair is the second book in the Truly Devious trilogy - and just as much a page-turner as the first one. Definitely a trio of books to pick up if you want some easy reading with mystery & a Vermont mountain setting, but start with book one!

Other stuff I read in September:

  • Homebody - Rupi Kaur (digestable poetry on relationships, activism, and feminism)

  • A Very Large Expanse of Sea - Tahereh Mafi (contemporary YA on race & discrimination, with a bit of romance)

  • Beautiful World, Where Are You - Sally Rooney (similar vibes to her previous novels - Conversations with Friends & Normal People, classic Rooney style that you’ll enjoy if you liked her others!)

  • Before the Coffee Gets Cold - Toshikazu Kawaguchi (Japanese literature, set in a cafe with a time-travel twist! Short & easy to read, be warned there may be tears)

Stuff I read that I didn’t rate (aka prioritise other books over these…maybe):

  • The Weekend - Charlotte Wood (Contemporary Australian)

  • Any Way the Wind Blows - Rainbow Rowell (YA-ish fantasy, final book in the Simon Snow trilogy)

I was lucky enough to have a few highlights of the month, in the form of care packages from friends (mostly books, let’s be honest), gin walks through my local streets with radius-pals, my first jab done, and a laughter-and-joy inducing surprise virtual engagement celebration thanks to my book club gals.

I aso drank my body weight in tea, I reckon. Living my best lockdown life, eh?

And a bonus doodle, just in case you need a reminder:

Some random recommendations, as per usual:

  • If you’re a gin drinker, Tread Softly’s Pink Gin & Whitley Neill’s Blood Orange Gin have been on rotation at our place.

  • A sweet friend opened up a lovely keyring biz this month, so if you’re looking for stocking-stuffers or just to spread some joy to a friends mailbox, check out Barney’s Bubble.

  • I’ve been living in my Lucy & Yak dungarees after buying 3 pairs in a sale they had running last month (or…July? time means nothing anymore).

  • If you’re looking to get creative, these drawing prompts for Artober are ones I’m going to try over at @ivedrawnit - they have a mental health focus too which you know I’m into. You don’t have to be an artist to flex your imagination - pick up a camera or make your Strava GPS into some art! Or just doodle badly in a journal nobody will see, but it could be a nice way to do something new/different :)

That’s all I’ve got for the week! Yesterday was RUOK? day, and I hope you’re all keeping well in these truly weird times. I’ve been getting out for walks & runs, but some days still feel just a bit much, and if you’re in the same boat I see you and want to remind you that your ups and downs through all this stuff is valid, no matter your situation. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself & others around you grace - we are all just gettin’ by!

If you like, I’d love to hear any recommendations you have for the month! Pop them in the comments, reply to this email, or just hit that little heart below to let me know you’re here ♥


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