#6 - It’s October?!

How the heck does time work?

OooooEEE this snuck up on me! Does anyone else feel like September absolutely flew by?

This lil newsletter might be a bit shorter and sweeter than my past monthly wrap ups, in part because I truly and genuinely do not know where September went. Yikes!


  • Kim Jiyoung Born 1982 by Cho-Nam Joo: loved this one on audio! Though I got the names mixed up a bit in the first chapter or two as I wasn’t able to read them, once the story started to flow I was invested. It’s a short one too if you’re looking for a quick but interesting read! Though a bit disheartening because, yknow, gender roles.

  • In My Defence I Have No Defence by Sinead Stubbins: This one had me genuinely laughing out loud in parts, but in other parts I felt a bit lost - I think due to the audio format and writing style not meshing well in the more ‘list’ style chapters.

  • Songs in Ursa Major by Emma Brodie: BIG LOVE. Highly recommend. Inspired by the relationship between Joni Mitchell & James Taylor, this is the perfect read for summer with (quite literally) sex, drugs, rock n roll on the beaches of America. Best served with ice cold gin.

  • You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry: It’s fine. Nothing special but a nice & easy pick-me-up read to breeze through on holiday or a weekend.

  • Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker: Definitely left this off the picture unintentionally, but it was an adorable graphic novel which I was gifted by a friend. Queer & disabled rep with gorgeous illustrations.

Some other highlights of the month included enjoying family time virtually, slowing down with some craft in these last few weeks before the world starts to reopen for us in Sydney, and the excitement of being double vaxxed and ready to picnic!

That’s all from me! My brain has gone on extended leave without pay so there are no recommendations this month. This may also be due to the impending easing of lockdown allowing us to enjoy the things we discovered these last 3 months at home (like Board Game Arena and delicious plum gin) before life gets busy again.

However…if you have seen any funny memes or cute cat photos feel free to send them my way, because who doesn’t want to see those?!

Oh also, if you’re into crafting and want a pal for evening craft sessions then I can recommend joining me here on Twitch for ~bi-weekly crafty chats/company - yet another endeavour I’ve embarked upon for the funsies.


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