#1 - Oh, hi there.

Thanks for being here!

Hi pals!

Thank you for subscribing and here we are at Newsletter #1 (chronologically that is, I’m making no bold claims here). My hope is that it will bring a little happy relief to your inbox - no spam, just smiles.

So what’s this all about?

My main goal for this newsletter is to create a space to share some doodles, book recommendations and things that make me smile more accessibly (including for those who opt out of social media & Instagram, the real #BossMove). You also may find occasional thought dumps, conversations with/guest book lists from other people and pals, or illustrated slices of life…or perhaps none of that! I’m no stranger to following the whims of my heart and this last 18 months has been a wild ride.

My hope is that my ‘internet presence’ (ha) goes from feeling like this…

to feeling more like this…

Here’s the thing, I have my fingers in a few pies over on ol’ Instagram…books, a lil shop, and pure doodling…so you’re going to find a bit of a mish-mash here, with a cute new doodle-mate to boot…

It’s okay if you’re confused, it’s how I spend 90% of my waking hours and I turned out fine…

To round off this little ‘intro’ newsletter, here are some things that made me smile this week, my gift to you this Sydney lockdown week:

  • The smiles on these faces doing their cub scouts activity - I would be the kid who totally misses for sure.

  • Listening to the Off Menu podcast! Best served with a walk outside in the sunshine, this podcast was recommended to me by my bestie and it has yet to disappoint.
    Elevator pitch: UK comedians Ed Gamble & James Acaster host various comedy/actor pals in their ‘dream restaurant’ and ask what their ideal meal would consist of.
    I’m currently partway through the Sue Perkins ep and it is wild.

  • So many delightful deliveries from LVLY flowers (and more) from pals who are helping us celebrate our lockdown engagement. If you need to celebrate someone’s birthday (or just gift yourself some nice flowers…or chocolates…or cookies…), I can definitely confirm they bring ✨ joy ✨!

  • Oh yeah, getting engaged! Bit of a highlight so…

  • The lovely response to starting this newsletter! Feel free to forward this first instalment to a pal who might get a smile from it. After all, sharing is caring ♥

That’s all for now - I’ll be back in a few weeks with some stuff I’ve been loving (books & otherwise) throughout July. I’d also love to hear any recommendations you have, or what you want to see in this newsletter - shoot me an email/hit the comment bubble below ❤️️


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